Juergen Habermas on the concept of "the Political" (Episode 9)

Another Cultural Technologies Bootleg: This episode features German philosopher and social theorist Juergen Habermas's 2010 lecture on "'The Political': The Rational Meaning of a Questionable Inheritance of Political Theology" held at NYU. Habermas unpacks the merits and shortcomings of Carl Schmitt's concept of the political and flaws in Schmitt's account of the relation between European secularization and the rise of political liberalism. Excerpted from the website of "The Power of the Relgion in the Public Sphere," where complementary lectures by Cornel West, Charles Taylor, and Judith Butler may also be found. For transcripts of Habermas's talk, get a copy of the published collection of essays based on the conference. Oh, and if you missed the last podcast featuing an interview with John McCormick on "Carl Schmitt and Technology," give it a listen too.


Episodes on Foucault, biopolitics, German media theory, and visual culture coming down the pipe in the next few months. Stay tuned.


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November 22, 2012